PMP® Exam Preparation Course (Face to Face Lecture / Online lecture (Via Skype)) English Version


定価 110,000円(税込)


This course is about Individual PMP(R) Exam Preparation course face to face lecture / online lecture (via Skype) has 3 phases, structure, fundamental, and practice. All lectures will be delivered in English. Once all three phases are complete, we will issue a 35-hour proof of project management that you might need to meet the PMP® Exam requirements.
Upon completion of this course you will obtain 35 PDU’s
PMBOK(R)Guide(Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th Edition)(English version)
※PMBOK(R)Guide(Project Management Body of Knowledge)英語版になります。


●PMP®受験対策個別指導講座の内容(Course Information) 
●全体構造フェーズ(Overall Structure Comprehension Phase)
The main purpose of this phase is for the learners to have a clear view of the big picture of project management. Some of the things the learners will be learning would be the definition of a project, the project life cycle, and so on. Having a good understanding of the elements of the overall structure of project management is key.

●基礎フェーズ(Fundamental phase)
In this phase we will discuss all the vital knowledge from scope management to stakeholder management. The main purpose of this phase is to help the learners understand all the confusing concepts that is included in the PMBOK® Guide, this way, the learners can establish knowledge efficiently and effectively.
スコープマネジメントから、ステークホルダーマネジメントまで、プロジェクトマネジメントにおける知識エリアという重要な単元の学習を行います。 難解のPMBOK®Guide(Project Management Body of Knowledge)を、ポイントを絞って、効果的・効率的に理解し、知識の定着をはかることを目的としています。

●応用フェーズ(Practical phase)
In this phase the learners will be applying the knowledge acquired from the previous phases and will be answering questions that are made to replicate the questions from the PMP® Exam.

●About PDU  PDUについて 
Upon completion of this course you will obtain 35 PDU’s (Category A Technical Project Management). This course will also provide 35 contact hours of project management education that you will need as a prerequisite for taking the PMP® Exam. Please check here the PMI website for more information about the prerequisites, and also the differences between “35 contact hours”, PDUs, and other information
本講座は、PDUsを取得することが可能となっているコースです。PMP®取得者の方には35PDU’s(カテゴリーA テクニカル・プロジェクトマネジメント)を付与いたします。 また、これからPMP®試験を受験される方は35時間の学習証明(Contact Hours of Project Management Education)となります。Contact Hours of Project Management EducationについてはPMIサイトのP10をご確認ください。

【PMP受験に必要な35時間】と【PDU】の違いについて PMP® Exam Preparation Course Guide Video PMP®対策講座の動画ガイダンス This Video will guide and introduce you to the course 動画 にて講義のイメージをご覧いただけます。 受講時間:合計35時間
原則各基本時間 9:30〜17:30(基本、各日7時間)×5日間 
※通学クラスのみ、講座内で使用するテキスト(PMBOK(R) Guide第6版)は、受講料に含まれております。なお、テキストは開講日に教室にてお渡しとなります。