PMP Short Course for Beginners(PMBOK®Guide 6th & Agile Practice Guide for English included)


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●コースの内容(The information of this course) 
Project management is sometimes complicated especially if you do not have any hands-on experience yet or your organization does things completely different from how PMI handles project management. 
This short course is designed for people who have little to no knowledge about project management, the project management processes are explained in a way that the learner can easily understand how projects are done or should be done based on the PMBOK® Guide and how PMI sees it fit. 
The important facts and knowledge about the processes are highlighted to give you an Idea of how a process is done and ultimately how a project. 
This course also includes a 100-item test that can help you solidify the knowledge that you have acquired while understanding the video and the PMBOK® Guide. 


●このコースについて(About this course) 
This course is developed by our PMPR certified instructors and is based on the PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition and PMIR Standards. This short beginner’s course has been reviewed and approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI®)
このコースはPMPR認定インストラクターによって開発され、PMBOK®ガイド第6版およびPMI®規格に基づいています。この初学者向けコースは、Project Management Institute(PMI®)によって審査および承認されています。

●学習対象者(This course is for) 
Skill level: Beginner 〜 Pre intermediate
・Individuals who wants to have a good start in learning project management
・Individuals who finds it hard to understand the PMBOK® Guide
・Individuals who wants to start studying for the PMP® Exam
・Individuals who do not have much time to study
・Non-native English speakers who wish to learn Project Management in English
・Individuals who are already certified PMP® and wants to acquire PDU as continuing education

スキルレベル: 初学者−初級〜中級レベル

● 動画(Video) 
This course includes 5 videos that explains each process group. The videos explain the processes and highlights the important points a beginner learner should understand.

●練習と問題(Exercises and Quizzes) 
The exercises and quizzes are made so that the learners can remember the processes easily.

●100問テスト(100-Item Test) 
At the end of this course you will need to answer a 100-item test, this test is based on everything that you have learned throughout the course.

●チューター・メンター制度(Tutor-Mentor System) 
Our PMP® Certified instructors will be at your disposal. We will support you in your journey becomingPMP®Certified by mentoring and answering your queries.

必要なプラウザー・パソコン性能・回線、Internet Explorer6.0以上で対応しております。 
・CPU: PentiumII266MHz以上推奨 
・メモリ: 64MB以上(128MB推奨) 
お申込から6ヶ月間有効となります。(6 months)

PMBOK®Guide Guide 6th Edition & Agile Practice Guide for English(PMBOK®Guide第6版+アジャイル実務ガイド英語版)
・E-Project Original Guide(弊社オリジナル資料)

【 PMBOK®Guide 6th+Agile Practice Guide for English included】
※ we will send PMBOK®Guide 6th & Agile Practice Guide after applying this course
※E-Project Original Guide is also attached to the E-Learning site as PDF data.

●本コースの修了について(Completion of this course) 
Upon completion of each test within this course you will obtain 10 PDU’s (Category A Technical Project Management). This course will also provide 10 contact hours of project management education that you will need as a prerequisite of taking the PMP® Exam. Please check the PMI website for more information about the prerequisites.
本講座は、各コース内のテストを完了することで修了となります。 また、PDU’sを取得することが可能となっているコースです。PMP®取得者の方には10PDU’s(カテゴリーA テクニカル・プロジェクトマネジメント)を付与いたします。